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    Tokyo Love Shop’s Loyalty Rewards is back + Discounts and Freebies this November!

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    Tokyo Love Shop’s Loyalty Rewards is back for good!  And by that we meant permanently from November 2015 onwards. You will also get 10% discount for all purchases + freebies this November.


    When you purchase any of our products, you will get 10% rebate on your purchase that will be converted as points. Example, if you purchased $100.00 USD worth of products, you will get 10 points, equivalent to $10.00 USD that you can use for your succeeding purchase. You need not enter any special coupon code to activate the loyalty rewards. It is automatically applied.


    You can redeem your reward points on you next purchase. Simply enter the amount of points that you want to redeem in your cart or during checkout. 1 point equals $1.00 USD, so if you use 10 points, it will deduct $10.00 USD from the total amount of purchase. Note that you cannot redeem your points and use a coupon code at the same time so choose which one will give you a better discount. You can opt to save your points and use it on your future purchases. Points expires after 365 days from the date you earned it.


    This November, for any purchases exceeding $50.00 USD, get 10% off by simply entering the coupon code:


    You will also receive freebies on your purchases:

    – for purchases with 5 products in total, you will get 1 freebie of your choice.
    – for purchases with 10 products in total, you will get 2 freebies of your choice.
    – for purchases with 25 products in total, you will get 6 freebies of your choice.
    – for purchases with 50 products in total, you will get 15 freebies of your choice.
    – for purchases with 100 products in total, you will get 40 freebies of your choice.

    *** Freebies will not appear in your cart during ordering. Rest assured it will be shipped together with your order.
    *** Tokyo Love Soap Try All Pack is counted as one (1) product only and cannot be chosen as a freebie.
    *** “Products” above refer to any Tokyo Love Shop’s products including the soaps, peels, gels and creams.
    *** You are free to choose from any products except: Tokyo Love Soap Try All Pack, Tokyo Love Soap Platinum and Tokyo Love Soap Secret Day Essence. You can choose Tokyo Love Soap as freebie as well as Tokyo Love 9 Hot Gel and Advanced Lash Serum.
    *** After ordering, email us immediately at support@tokyoloveshop.com for your freebies of choice. Do not forget to include the following information:

    – Your 5 digit order ID or your PayPal email address used during ordering.
    – Your choices of freebies and other special instructions.

    Example Email:

    Hi Tokyoloveshop! My order ID is 23449, I bought 10 products and I am entitled for 2 freebies. I would like to have 1 Tokyo love soap original and 1 advanced lash serum.


    Hi guys! My paypal email address is sample@email.com I ordered 50 pieces of products, I am entitled to 15 freebies. I want 2 tokyo love soap premium, 3 tokyo love 9 hot gel, 1 lash serum, 1 keu cream, 2 stem cell creams, 1 acai peel cream, 1 peel recovery jelly, 1 peel prep solution, 1 acai peel solution and 2 blue peel solution.

    Enjoy Japan’s number 1 soap only from tokyoloveshop.com!


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