More freebies this holiday season!

by tokyoloveshop
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Tokyo Love Shop is launching its best promo ever this holidays! NO COUPON CODE IS NEEDED.

– For every purchase of 3 products, you will get 1 freebie of your choice.
– For every purchase of 5 products, you will get 2 freebies of your choice.
– For every purchase of more than 5 products, you will get 2 freebies for every 5 products purchase.
Example: Purchase of 50 products will give you 20 freebies of your choice.

*** Freebies will not appear in your cart during ordering. Rest assured it will be shipped together with your order.
*** Tokyo Love Soap Try All Pack is counted as one (1) product only and cannot be chosen as a freebie.
*** “Products” above refer to any Tokyo Love Shop’s products including the soaps, peels, gels and creams.
*** You are free to choose from any products except: Tokyo Love Soap Try All Pack, Tokyo Love Soap Platinum and Tokyo Love Soap Secret Day Essence. You can choose the Tokyo Love Soap as freebie as well as Tokyo Love 9 Hot Gel and Advanced Lash Serum.
*** After ordering, email us immediately at for your freebies of choice. Do not forget to include the following information:

– Your 5 digit order ID or your PayPal email address used during ordering.
– Your choices of freebies and other special instructions.

Example Email:

Hi Tokyoloveshop! My order ID is 26115, I bought 10 products and I am entitled for 4 freebies. I would like to have 1 Tokyo love soap pure girls, 1 blue peel, 1 tokyo love soap premium and 1 stem cell cream.

4. We will send a confirmation message when we received your instructions.

Enjoy Japan’s number 1 soap only from!



  1. maryamimthiyas December 8, 2016 at 1:26 am

    my order is 5pcs Tokyo love soap premium, and im entitled of 2 freebies, i would like to have 2tokyo love soap original… i also want to know f you can deliver it to saudi? how much it cost in japan yen or in saudi money

    • tokyoloveshop January 31, 2017 at 7:28 pm

      we do deliver to Saudi Arabia, prices are in USD, please convert manually by going to goole and simply type the conversion. Example, type on the search bar: 10 usd to riyals

      you should see the conversion instantly, thank you

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