Our Best Promo Ever This Love Month!

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February brings our best promo ever! In celebration of the love month, enjoy 15% discount on all purchases worth atleast $50.00 USD. Just enter the coupon code “love” without the quotes. Again, the coupon code is:


this will deduct 15% off from total purchase amounting to $50.00 USD or more. Plus, get more freebies! No coupon code or purchase requirement is needed to get your freebies.

– For every purchase of 3 products, you will get 1 freebie of your choice.
– For every purchase of 5 products, you will get 2 freebies of your choice.
– For every purchase of more than 10 products, you will get 5 freebies of your choice for every 10 products purchased! Example, Purchase of 50 products will give you 25 freebies of your choice.
– Amount purchased not divisible by 10 will still give you the highest possible freebies that can be given. Example, Purchase of 15 products will give you 7 freebies (5+2), Purchase of 18 products will give you 8 freebies (5+2+1 freebies)

*** Freebies will not appear in your cart during ordering. Rest assured it will be shipped together with your order.
*** Tokyo Love Soap Try All Pack is counted as one (1) product only and cannot be chosen as a freebie.
*** “Products” above refer to any Tokyo Love Shop’s products including the soaps, peels, gels and creams.
*** You are free to choose from any products except: Tokyo Love Soap Try All Pack, Tokyo Love Soap Platinum and Tokyo Love Soap Secret Day Essence.
*** After ordering, email us immediately at support@tokyoloveshop.com for your freebies of choice. Do not forget to include the following information:

– Your 5 digit order ID or your PayPal email address used during ordering.
– Your choices of freebies and other special instructions.

Example Email:

Hi Tokyoloveshop! My order ID is 28171, I bought 15 products and I am entitled for 7 freebies. I would like to have 2 Tokyo love soap original, 1 blue peel, 1 tokyo love soap premium, 1 stem cell cream, 1 TCA peel and 1 peel recovery jelly.

4. We will send a confirmation message when we received your instructions.


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