• Affiliate Program


    Tell your friends about Tokyo Love Shop and earn easy money!

    Tokyo Love Shop Affiliate Program makes it easy to earn the most money. Simply promote any of our products and get a 10% commission from the total amount purchased when people you refer buys from our online shop. You will really find it easy selling Tokyo Love Shop products because of its 99% repeat buy rate. Meaning, 99% of customers who purchased from our site purchases again and again and again!

    Its very easy to start earning money, just follow these 3 simple steps:

    1. Sign Up for our affliate program.

    • Simply fill up the form. You will need to key-in your First Name, Last Name, User Name, Email and Website (if you have one).

    2. Share your affiliate link.

    • You will receive your affiliate link. This is very important. When referring your customers to us, use the affiliate link. You can use the link as is or you can embed it as <a href=”https://tokyoloveshop.com?affiliates=XX”>Affiliate link</a> wherein the letters XX is your affiliate number and the word “Affiliate link” is an anchor text. You can change it depending on your desired catch phrase like “Check out my favorite soap” or “I love this shop site!”. When the user click the link, it will show tokyoloveshop.com and not the link itself to protect your identity as an affiliate. You will be able to see your affiliate link as well as the code on your affiliate control panel.
    • The cookie is active for 15 days. Meaning, everytime your referred client visit our website even without your affiliate link, he/she is still counted as your affiliate and for that entire 15 days, you will get 10% commission from anything he/she buys. Cookies are electronic prints that basically says “This person is referred by affiliate XX”.

    3. Earn

    • The more clients you refer, the more commission you will earn.
    • You can see your commissions real time via the affiliate control panel. We will then deposit your commission via your PayPal account everytime it reaches $50.00 USD and above

    How Much Can You Really Earn?

    Let’s say you have 200 facebook friends and your affiliate number is “88”. You posted your affiliate link via facebook that says: “Guys, there is a promo now on Tokyo Love Shop! Free Tokyo Love Soap Original for every $50.00 USD worth of purchase. Check it out here: https://tokyoloveshop.com?affiliates=88”. 43 people clicked. Out of those 43 people, only 5 bought something.

    Friend #1 bought 2 products worth $58.00 USD
    Friend #2 bought 1 product worth $36.00 USD
    Friend #3 bought 4 products worth $96.50 USD
    Friend #4 bought 1 product worth $17.50 USD
    Friend #5 bought 3 products worth $78.50 USD

    On that day, you will receive a commission of $28.65 USD. In case some of them buys again in the 15 day period, you will still receive the commission even if they go directly to our site without your affiliate link. They only need to click your affiliate link once and they will be your referrals for 15 days.

    Let’s say you own a beauty blog or forum and you have a small tokyo love shop banner with your affiliate link. Everyday, your site receives 1,000 unique visitor and 50 of those click the banner while only 5 of them buys from our shop via your referral link.

    Visitor #1 bought 2 products worth $55.00 USD
    Visitor #2 bought 1 product worth $40.00 USD
    Visitor #3 bought 4 products worth $84.50 USD
    Visitor #4 bought 3 product worth $65.50 USD

    From the above example, you will get a commission of $24.50 USD/Day. Let’s say that it is very consistent for that whole month. We will then multiply it by 30 and in a single month, you earned $ 735.00 USD. Considering that all of our products have a 99% repeat buy rate and you will still receive commission from repeat buyers for 15 days, you are off for a good start! Start earning and join now!